USAID Trains Advocate Trainers – Curriculum Development Program through the Balkans Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN)

Posted on 16.09.2015 12:18:00

Last week in Ohrid,  26 advocates from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia came together for a five-day curriculum development workshop organized by the Balkans Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN) with support from USAID and the OSCE Mission to Skopje. 

At the end of the workshop, USAID Mission Director James Stein and Nikola Dodevski, President of the Macedonia Bar Association, each stressed the important role advocates have and encouraged them to take a leading role in developing interactive, practical and skills-based curriculum.

“Educational traditions in this region emphasize theoretical approaches to learning, but to be effective in court it is necessary to learn practical skills that involve real cases, real facts, and real clients,” said James Stein, Mission Director of USAID-Macedonia.

Professors Barbara Barron from the United States and Idlir Peci from Albania, both experts in teaching methodology and curriculum, led the workshop.  Participants learned how to develop and deliver an interactive course on nearly any topic and created a specific course on Initial Arrest and Pre-Trial Detention that will be delivered live and online (through BRRLN’s site) in their home countries. The participants developed a curriculum for future training of trainers and committed to transfer the knowledge back at their colleagues.  

BRRLN is always proud to contribute to this kind of networking and informal education.

In addition, please find the links of the media articles that covered the TOT Boot Camp:     (VIDEO)


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