ABA ROLI BRRLN Conference in Ohrid

Posted on 09.04.2019 16:20:00

North Macedonia - On April 3-7th, 2019 office staff in Skopje organized the ABA ROLI BRRLN Conference in Ohrid, North Macedonia. The goal of this Conference was to present BRRLN working group activities and regional activities to improve rule of law in the Balkan countries, as well as a presentation of BRRLN strategic plan and future of the network. During the 4 day conference, around 60 participants had the opportunity to be a part of the panel discussions led by members of the Bar associations, as well as professionals from Europe and the USA and the idea was to exchange experiences and skills between them. During the conference, the participants had the privilege to hear from Constantin Parascho - vice chair of CCBE PECO committee, Chelsea B. Schinnour – Resident Legal Advisor, OPDAT, Dan Linhardt – Legal Specialist ABA ROLI, Freda Grealy – Law Society of Ireland, Zamira Djabarova – ABA Human Rights Representative and Stefan von Raumer – Chair of the CCBE Human Rights Committee. Besides the panels there was working group break out session were the representatives from the Bar Associations of North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo discussed ideas for future activities. 

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