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Kosovo bar delegation visits MSBA

Posted on 09.01.2017 16:03:00

Kosovo Bar travels to Sarajevo to learn about war crimes defence

Posted on 15.11.2016 14:34:00

ABA ROLI Training Allows Balkan Lawyer to Represent Domestic Violence Victim

Posted on 15.11.2016 14:29:00

“ESTONIA – a Civil Law Country with a fully Common Law Plea Barganing System”

Posted on 07.07.2016 16:13:00 Jordan Daci is a licenced lawyer from Albania. Last year, the Balkan Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN) awarded him a study exchange grant in Estonia starting from December 8 until December 12 as a part of the exchange program funded by USAID through BRRLN. This article is about his insights from the exchange and his motivation to do it. Please see the full text of the interview that was conducted with Mr. Daci on July 6.


Posted on 23.02.2016 10:41:00 [Srb] Forenzika u najširem smislu podrazumeva primenu znanja i tehnologija iz različitih nauka u rešavanju pravnih pitanja. Posebno popularna i nedovoljno shvaćena oblast forenzike je forenzička genetika...

Court Ruling in Favor of Transparency

Posted on 26.11.2015 11:40:00 BRRLN is sharing this success story to serve as motivation and encouragement to those who seek justice in the judicial system.

The Waiting Generation

Posted on 16.11.2015 11:45:00 The author, Donika Dobruna is a young lawyer from Kosovo. The story is about the situation with young lawyers in Kosovo and the challenges they are facing with.
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